Best place to buy high-end watch?

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  1. Hello

    I'm looking to buy a new watch.. Haven't really decided which but deciding among cartier, Rolex, bvlgari.

    Should I buy directly from the said boutiques? I'd like to get a discount if possible even if its only for a little bit and I'm not sure if boutiques will take some percentage off? Or am I better off looking for a local jeweler?

    How much can I realistically get off sticker price for these watches ?

    Please share some experiences

  2. Price really depends on what you're looking for in style & formality. Even within the different houses there are different types of dials, metals, bands, precious stones, etc.

    Are you able to visit a watch dealer like Tourneau? You would have a decent variety to look at. I'm not really familiar with the various authorized dealers. I have read that authorized dealers (rather than the boutiques) can offer varying discounts - anywhere from none to up to 20% off.

    I don't wear luxury watches, but my personal favorites to see on others are Rolex, Patek, Longines, Breguet, Baume & Mercier, Blancpain, Vacheron Constantin, and A.Lange & Sohne.
  3. Rolex and Cartier both are pretty strict about discounting. However, you could probably snag a Bvlgari at a sizable discount on the grey market (40-75% off most gold watches). Rolex is usually only discounted 5-10% so you are better off purchasing at an authorized dealer for the warranty. As for Cartier, you can find certain models discounted between 20 and 35% on the grey market. At an authorized dealer, you probably wouldn't get much more than 20% unless you are really good at haggling.
  4. The authorized dealers do sometimes give discounts. You have to shop around. Same with local jewellers. It's a bit more work but a part of the buying process I really enjoy. Be friendly, let the SAs educate you and among your questions ask toward the end if they might be able to get you a better deal.

    Don't suggest you start your conversation asking for a discount. If your sales assistant thinks there is a very good chance of a sale that day you may get offered a sweetener.

    Also I don't know if this appeals to you but a lot of authorized dealers take trade-ins and may have refurbished watches for sale which probably won't be on display. If so check what warranty would come with a refurbished watch.
  5. I personally prefer going to the boutique. Buying duty free when you happen to be traveling out of country is one way of getting approx 18% discount.
  6. When I bought my Rolex in late 2014, I did get a 16% discount. I live in a large city where there are 2 stores that carry Rolexes. The first has several locations in the state and I have bought a lot of things from them but they would not discount the watch at all. The second is a family owned store that I had purchased my upgraded wedding ring from 10 years earlier. I purchased my Rolex from them and got the discount after I reminded them about my ring. Also, they gave me a discount even though it had to be ordered since they didn't have the exact watch I wanted in stock.
  7. or are both great.