Best place to buy Hermes for a UK person

  1. Hi there
    I am a big scarf fan and I also travel a lot. I have a big birthday coming up so have decided it is time to take the plunge and buy myself the coveted birkin. As I travel a lot I don't really have a relationship with any store/S.A, well maybe Royal Exchange and I am now trying to work out which is the best place to buy - price, availability, tax free considerations.

    My forthcoming options are:

    Royal Exchange - I buy scarves and also get my dry cleaning done there.

    Paris - I don't think there is much difference between UK price and Euros at the mo

    T3 Heathrow - potential duty free savings? but don't know about availability (first bag probably will be a black togo with PHW) so nothing esoteric. Can I call in advance?

    USA - Bought my scarf Quintessence in SF Hermes, was served by a lovely lady I think called Lydia - but can I claim tax back on departure?

    Hope you can help - I should build a spreadsheet for this!
  2. The list for A/W2011 should open sometime in March. If you can get on the list, you should be able to get it before the end of the year. If you are thinking of buying a birkin off the shelf, you have better chance in Paris.
  3. I agree with hsaiomee, if you can get on a list in London, then great but you won't get a birkin as a walk in in the UK. If you can't get on a list then your best chance is Paris.
  4. I would agree if you could get on the London list then wait for it to come in, otherwise Paris is your absolutely best chance.
    T3 does not sell birkins/kellys so that is out and to my knowledge you can not claim US taxes back at departure so if that is important US is not a choice.
    Good luck!
  5. Duty free shops never sell Birkin/Kelly as far as I am aware. To get on the list in London, you will need to call everyday to find out when the list will be open because they won't know until the day before or on the day. I also believe when you do find out the day the list will be open, you will need to go to the boutique in person on that day to place the order. They will not discuss or accept orders for Birkins over the phone, maybe with rare exception if you are a known customer. Otherwise Paris FSH will be your best bet to get a Birkin as a walk-in. A black Birkin will be more readily available too so chances are good. Good luck!
  6. Many thanks
  7. This has been good information for me too, thanks.

    London seems like one of the hardest places to get hold of a birkin.

    Are Etoupe or Black birkins normally on the shelf and readily available in Paris? Do you have to be there when it opens? Its looking like the best bet for me at the moment too.
  8. You need to join the queue, well before FSH opens each morning and cross your fingers. It is also worth going back mid afternoon to see if they have had another delivery - good luck
  9. Thanks - its got to be the most difficult purchase in the world! I have to say I'm seriously wondering whether its all worth it and whether its just not meant to be!
  10. Maxiscot, I'm not a tax/ customs expert but I always understood that unless you are bringing goods to the UK from WITHIN the EU, you are subject to import taxes. There is a Custom & Excise helpline 0845 010 9000.

    These taxes are the reason it is generally not worth it to buy from USA on eBay, unless the item is a real bargain or of small value.

    Your best chance of a Birkin is in Paris, although some others on here have bought them in other major cities in the EU. It might be worth asking whenever you travel.

    Wishing you lots of luck !
  11. just slightly off-topic, it London the only city in UK that has the list? Do other cities' boutique have/open the list on the same date?
  12. With the US dollar so weak is it cheaper to buy Hermes or anything the US rather than Europe?
  13. Correct. The customs will charge 20% vat plus 2% import duty on any goods above £150 (? Don't know the exact amount but somewhere along that line) brought from outside the EU. So buying from U.S. Is very expensive.
  14. Don't you already have a black Birkin?