Best place to buy Gucci Dionysus bag?

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  1. hi guys! First time posting

    I'm an American traveling to Europe this July and I'm looking to buy a Gucci Dionysus bag. Any advice for which country to buy it in (list below)? I've been so excited to buy this Gucci bag for so long !

    Amsterdam (euro, 21% VAT)
    Copenhagen (DKK, 25% VAT)
    Stockholm (SEK, 25% VAT)

    Thanks everyone for their help!!!! X
  2. I didn't check for f/x rates and net prices. But. In case there is not too much of a difference in price I would get it in the first city possible. Then I would be able to use it during the rest of the trip.
    Good luck, I have been eyeing the Dionysus for a while and might be getting one in Italy later this year.
  3. The Gucci boutique in Stockholm is quite small and doesnt hold that big variations in handbags. So if you find a Dionysus you like in Amsterdam or Copenhagen buy it (if Stockholm is the last visit) because otherwise there is a risk you wont get a bag at all.
  4. I bought mine in amsterdam at De Bijenkorf (a department store) and they gave me the VAT refund in cash at the store, pretty convinient as I could use the money in the trip instead of getting it on the airport on my way back home