Best Place to buy Cervo Hobo

  1. While I was in Neiman Marcus today, I spied a young lady with a Cervo Hobo in Billiard. OMG! I went downstairs and tried it on in China, but I think I like the green better. I seriously think I need this bag. What would be the best place to buy it from? Any suggestions? TIA
  2. Well, if you are in Dullsville, where does that leave me? lol My NM doesn't carry BV, so anywhere you can find them is good. I have a BV SA if you want something sent.
    Tell me what you thought of the china????
  3. It's a nice blue, not as bright as cobalt and not as dark as a true navy. At first, I almost thought it was ink. I think it's a good blue that would almost go with anything, like blue jeans do. Very soft and squishy too. Just checked with Erica at HGbags and she said she hasn't ordered any of that style.
  4. Oh, now that is too bad!!! It's my favorite style of BV!
  5. I know. I was sort of hoping I could find it a little cheaper somewhere, but it looks like I might have to bite the bullet and pay full price. I think it might be my longlost perfect handbag. So comfortable and squishy.
  6. If you are paying full price, know you will keep it, it behooves you to purchase from a boutique. I saw this at my NM, and at a boutique. The boutique gives store credit, but NM will refund if you return. But if anything happens and the bag needs repair, it is easier to deal with BV directly.

    BTW, the dye used for China and Ink is the same hue. The name is changed depending on the leather and color saturation in a particular style.
  7. Buy one and post pics!! I am holding out for after Christmas when the bonus comes in and really want the china. IT's such a perfect bag!!
  8. Haha, Kroquet. So they will be on sale after Christmas??? Well, after obsessing about it all night, I called Joyce at AC and she is taking care of it. It will be about a week, because she has to get it from BV and wants to inspect it before she sends it out to me. Next time, I will wait for a sale, but this will be a great fall bag!
    Jburgh, that is good to know. I thought they looked very similar. Duh!
  9. And to fund this, I will be doing a major closet purge in the coming months if I can stop being so lazy.
  10. I don't know if they will go on sale or not, but I am selling to fund something else and will wait for bonus time. The cervo hobo is one bag I don't mind paying full price for. You can't bargain with perfection! hahaha I can't wait for your reveal!!!

    My SA is Sharon at AC! I think that seems to be a great boutique as I have heard of Joyce and Nicole is terrific, too.
  11. How funny that we both have SAs in AC rather than in Tx! Yes, I agree with you on paying full price...this might just be my perfect, smooshy,squishy bag! I will post pics as soon as it comes!!!