Best place to buy balenciaga bag online?

  1. Hi, I'm still looking for a balenciaga bag online,but don't know where to buy it from. A lot of website said there 100% Auth, but people say they are not. So, Please help me out!! Thank you
    Hand Bags, Coats, Denim, Belts and much more...
    Is that 100% Auth? Thanks
    :heart:Susie C.
  2. Hi Sueshi and welcome to the forum!!

    No, the bags on that website are fake, please stay away!!:yucky:

    check this site for places to buy authentic Balenciaga bags:
    atelier.naff: Where to buy Balenciaga bags when you are in... (a lovely PFer runs this website and it's got tons and tons of great information all about Bbags!!)

    Also, check out this sticky at the top of the Bal subforum:

    good luck and can't wait to see pics of the Bal you buy!!:heart:
  3. aw. Thank you so much!!!! I so adore your bag!! I'm jealous ;D
  4. ^^^awww, thanks so much Sueshi!! :shame: :heart:

    BTW, welcome to the Bbag addiction!!! :biggrin:

    When I joined tPF in April I had ~zero~ bbags. I'm sure many of the other Bal gals here can attest that once you buy one, there's no stopping!! :choochoo::jammin: :yahoo:
  5. aww. Thank you!! lOls. :smile:
    I check the website you gave me,but there isn't much bags they sell online and most of the store is kind far from my house. So, I'm bummed out. Thank you, tho :p And I'm kind of mad,because people sell the balenciaga bag and say that it's 100% auth!! Rawr. Sorry.hehe. Thank you, again :smile:
  6. Sueshi, I don't know where you live, but aloha rag online select shop :: martin margiela, chloe, lucien pellat-finet, tsubi, corto moltedo is a great place to buy authentic bags and I think there's a low or no shipping charge (can someone help with verifying this?)

    Also, you can try eBay....but beware of fakes! There are real Bbags on eBay and you can check out the auctions in the Achtung! section of this sub-forum. You can also post auction links in the Authenticate This! thread and PFers will help spot the real ones from the fakes!!!

    Don't give up!!:smile:
  7. aw. Thank you, so much!!!!! It's just so hard to find one that is auth. thank you again. :heart::love:
  8. may I ask you where do you buy your bbags at? :smile: I just want to give it up already. It's just so hard...I'm so bummed. Thank you
  9. Since I dont have (and hate to) experience dealing with eBay, I get my bags from BNY or Aloha Rag & Browns, and recently LVR. That's just me, I like to sleep at night knowing where my bags came from :p

    Welcome to the begining of a " potential addiction " :graucho: :p
  10. Don't give up! If you know the style and colour you want and it is this season or last season, I would order from Balenciaga NY or Aloha Rag. It's not on-line ordering but you know it will be authentic.
    Or try Ebay but just do the homework of how to spot the fakes or post it in the Authenticate This thread or check out the Achtung thread. The girls here really know their stuff and are always so helpful!!
    Good luck!!!
  11. Hello my bags are bought from Cricket Liverpool and Luisa Via Roma!!!:yes: :yes:
  12. aw. Thank you guys so much!! :love:
    but what is LVR?? Thank you!! MWAH!!
  13. Bob Ellis Shoes Sign up for their email mailing and they will send you an inventory of their Balenciagia (as well as Chloe, Gucci, Prada, etc.) including pictures. All authentic. Very generous return/exchange policy (unlike BalNY). Ask for Bill! :yes:
  14. aw. thank you!!! :love: