Best place to buy an Edith?

  1. I am looking for an Edith, but am worried about fakes or paying a bunch, especially for a very used bag. My options:
    pro-can get very low priced bag, large selection
    com-many fakes, risky

    Resale used bags (such as bag Borrow or Steal or Anns Fabulous Finds)
    pro- authentic bags
    com- prices are fairly high for used bags

    Outlets (NM Last Call ect.)
    pro-authentic new bags for a good price
    con- like finding a needle in a haystack

    Where would you recommend I buy it to get the best price on the bag in the best shape(new or barely used)
  2. To be honest I HIGHLY doubt that you'll find any in the last call stores!
  3. Build up your post count and get into the MP.
  4. There are some authentic ones on e-bay, but do your homework, look at the seller and feedback, get it authenticated, and ask the seller lots of questions about where it was purchased, recepits?, etc. Good luck - the Edith is a great bag.
  5. Hi there - I am in Australia & the Chloe prices here new are ridiculous - also my current tastes are all discontinued Chloes.

    I have been able to purchase 2 authentic ediths with the assistance of the authentication thread of this forum.

    There are genuine ones out there - my advice would be to look on eBay and get some opinions on the authentication thread before purchasing anything.

    And if it doesn't bother you getting a lightly used one - you can save an awful lot.

    When looking, it may take a while to come across what you are after if you are after a specific style & color - but if you are flexible... there is authentic stuff coming and going all the time. Patience & good luck. :biggrin:
  6. I found a BNWT whiskey Edith on eBay a few months ago. I had it authenticated here and it was all good. I think eBay would be your best bet. Good luck! Ediths rock. [​IMG]
  7. What kind of Edith are you looking for?
  8. I am looking for the classic Edith satchel in one of the lighter brown shades-whiskey, mastic , muscat.
    Thanks for the help. I having been watching Ebay, but every bag I have to posted to authenticate has been fake! It is so frustrating.
  9. There's an edith on Ann Fabulous Finds...
  10. There were tons at the new NMLC in Philadelphia not too long ago. Feel free to PM me if you want details of what they had, and/or I'll post updated "inventory" next time I visit!
  11. I agree with previous post about Neiman Marcus last call. If you call some of the stores, esp Las Vegas or Texas, they will try to be of help and will ship for about $12. Right after Christmas, I bought a beautiful Edith bowler at NMLC for a steal. Call a few stores, be persistent, and you will find Edith.:tup:
  12. That is great news. I am actually visiting my sister in TX and going to a NMLC this weekend. If I dont find it there I will start calling stores.
  13. There were quite a few at Horchow Finale in Plano late last year - satchels and bowlers. I tried to buy one and have it shipped internationally but couldn't swing the deal. :nogood: You may still have some luck there!
  14. Ebay is not a bad place to find great deals Just make sure you have it authenticated here before you buy
  15. There's a "gently used" Edith satchel for sale at BagBorrowOrSteal in whiskey. Check it out!