Best place to buy a Silhouette Cameo?

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  1. I'm looking for good deals on the Silhouette Cameo. Is the starter bundle for $269 from Amazon a good deal? TIA for any advice.
  2. the small research i've done, that's about the best price i've found.
    if you find anything else, let me know!!

    i want to say i read that sometimes overstock or the shopping channels might have them, but that might have been a different machine.
  3. just googled real quick and found a site that says buy from Oh My Crafts and if you sign up for their emails they will send out coupons for it. some people got it for about $200 shipped after coupon code.
  4. Thanks. I think I'll get on off of Amazon. I should get it soon. The DHs anniversary present will be late.