Best place to buy a Anna Corinna Mid City?

  1. I know Luna Boston has a 20% code, but I was wondering if anyone ever got the Mid City any cheaper than around $350 and where the best place would be to look other than online?
  2. I'm not sure if it's a mid city or not, but they've got one at the purse store for $327.60. Supposedly there's an extra 20% off with "cyber07", but it's not working on this bag for some reason. Still a good price though!
  3. Ugh, I know! I wish they had it unglazed and in taupe. I am DYING for ittttt.
  4. That's EXACTLY what I ordered from Shopbop....they have free shipping and $50.00 off with the Jump code (which, I believe, ends today)!!