Best place/price to buy a Hayden-Harnett Gaza Luxe Leather Satchel, Bittersweet???

  1. Can anyone tell me the best place/price to buy a Hayden Harnett Gaza, either hobo or satchel in bittersweet???
  2. It's been coming up every now and then on the 30 minute special on the website. That and the bark shade.
  3. thanks--I'll have to keep an eye on it. The only color I have seen so far is fir
  4. The gaza hobo's on sale at jcmadison for $392. Plus until tomorrow they have a 20% off sale, so that would put it around $313 with free shipping. It's in taupe and bark though.
  5. Purseinsanity- what is the JC Madison sale??? :confused1: Is there a code?

  6. I have a Gaza hobo in Prune and I freaking love it! I got an awesome deal...$290 including tax and shipping. Its a beautiful I had to get the satchel too. LOL
  7. Yes...there's a 20%off everything (including sale items!) until Thursday night. The code is "summer2". Happy shopping!