Best place of MbMJ in Las Vegas

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  1. Where is the best place to go for MbMJ in Las Vegas particularly for bags? Is there any point in shopping around or are the prices much the same from one shop to another?
  2. i think the prices will most likely be the same unless items are on sale or you have a coupon of some sort. having said that, i don't frequent las vegas malls/stores, etc. so hopefully someone else can help with the locale-specific info.
  3. also, i visited the mbmj store (might have been mj, but i'm pretty sure it was mbmj) last christmas at vegas and found it to be extremely disappointing. :sad:
  4. im going to be going to vegas in december, so it would be nice to know where i can get a mbmj bag there!

    would sales have already begun at around dec 17?

    how come the mj store was a dissapointment??
  5. I can't find an MbMJ shop in Vegas (looking on the internet), I thought there was only the MJ shop. Is there an MbMJ?

    I've heard the MJ is quite a good shop too - either way, I have to check it out, hope its not a disappointment, the MJ shop in London is fab.

    BioChick, I will be back before you go, so I will send you a report!
  6. ^ please send me a report too! :biggrin:
    i'll be heading to vegas mid january next year
  7. ^^ Will do!