Best place for MBMJ in NYC?

  1. Hey ya'll!

    So in a few weeks im going to New York city and am definately purchasing a Marc by Marc Jacobs purse.

    My only question is, where is the best place to go? Would i be better off going to the store? or do the department stores have a better selection?

    specifically, im looking for either a quinn or a Dr Q Groove.

    thanks in advance guys!

    oh, and if anyone has any must-see sights or shopping spots, definately let me know!
  2. I love NYC! There are so many girls on there from there, that I'm sure you'll get tons of feedback! I'm going in mid-November, and I was just coming online to see which MJ bag I should buy while I'm there! I love having the opportunity to go in the boutique and see everything close up!

    Anyway, I definitely would recommend going to all THREE MBMJ boutiques on Bleecker. They're all fairly close to one another and they have a great selection. Also, I think the Bloomingdale's in Soho has a good selection of MBMJ as well and they're just a short walk from Bleecker.

    Good luck! I hope you find something awesome!!
  3. thanks marclover!!

    I am so excited. i'm coming from toronto so with the canadian dollar so good, im really excited to go!
  4. The Bloomingdales on Lexington also had a really good selection of MBMJ bags (better than the one in Soho).
  5. i loveeeee bleecker
  6. I am looking to make my first MBMJ purchase: a black QUINN. Any comments? I adore the style!
  7. thanks for the suggestions ladies!
    i love the quinn, its one of the two bags im deciding between.
  8. i really like the quinn. it would be a great choice. what is the other style you're considering?
  9. my other option is the dr q groove in black, thats only sold at one specific store right? do you know which one?

    tadpolenyc your definately someone i want to ask about new york city! best place for MBMJ bags? best shopping in general?
  10. the black groovee can be found at Barneys on 60th and madison avenue. that's in midtown and near fifth avenue. if you're looking for high end designer stuff, that area would be the place to go. there's Bergdorf Goodman, tiffany & co., louis vuitton, gucci, Saks...i could go on forever. bloomingdale's is located on 59th and lexington avenue, which is about a ten minute walk from Barneys.

    soho has a lot of chain stores like h&m, banana republic, american apparel, victoria's secert, and j.crew. of course, you can't forget about the marc jacobs collection store on spring street. miu miu and prada are there too. if you're looking for some trendy stuff, mega scoop and intermix are also located in that area. both stores carry trendy contemporary brands like alice and olivia, dvf, tory burch, and thread social. one of my favorite stores there is called opening ceremony. it carries a lot of well known brands along with more up and coming designers. if you have time, you should check it out.

    west village is my favorite place in the city. there's a juicy couture store that just opened up. there's a fresh store, james perse, ralph lauren, another intermix, a few boutiques, and THREE mbmj boutiques (one is dedicated to womens, one is menswear, and the last one has all the cheap goodies like the quilted wallets, t-shirts, lipstick pens, compacts, key rings, etc.).

    finally, if you want more of a boutique shopping experience, i recommend going to the lower east side. there is great shopping down there: a lot of vintage stores and smaller boutiques that carry many unknown designers. you'll be able to find a lot unique items there. oh, and visit chinatown too! there's a lot of people and it can be a pain to navigate through, but you can get cheap sunglasses and perfume. you can also marvel at all the fake bags. maybe have some dim sum when you get hungry too.

    can you tell i go shopping a lot? it's a sickness. if you need more info, feel free to pm me!
  11. ahhh tadpolenyc i could kiss you! hahaha your a big help.

    im going to try and plan my itenerary this week so i will definately PM you!