Best place for inexpensive ribbon online?

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  1. Hi ladies!
    Never posted in this forum before! So I hope this question isn't redundant.I made a ribbon wreath for a baby's room and it was a big hit so I'm looking to make more for gifts. I'm looking to buy ribbon but all the sites I've searched require about 50 yards of one color for minimum order.

    What are the best sources for ribbon because paying $3+ a spool is expensive when making a ribbon wreath.
  2. There was a seller on ebay named Ribbon Queen who opened an online store due to fees incurred selling on ebay. I'll look for her link. I thought she was reasonable but what type of ribbon do you need? She had a lot of grosgrain ribbon. I'd buy small amounts of many colors for hair clippies.
  3. I got some fantastic organza ribbon really inexpensively on eBay for Christmas wrapping at about £1.50 including postage (So $2.35). I can't find the seller now - but it's worth searching eBay :smile: