Best place for eyebrows in NYC??

  1. Ok so my mission is to get my eyebrows done professionally since I've been doing them myself for the last 5 years. Anyone have any good reccomendations in NYC? If you could also post the price it would be helpful. TIA!!
  2. Are you interesting in threading? A friend of mine recommended a place on 39th and 6th Ave called Pinkys. It's under $10.
  3. the anastasia eyebrow studios in sephora are great and not over the top expensive...32.00 there's one in the 5th ave sephora as well as the time square one. Eliza Petrescu is AMAZING but very pricey , over 100 I believe and you can expect to wait 6 months...if you don't mind, shes definitely worth it
  4. I am EXTREMELY particular about my eyebrows. I have gone to a few salons years ago but they never did a good job. I've had my friend do mine but now I'm feeling brave enough to venture out again! Does anyone have SUPERB recommendations? I would prefer NOT to wax.. sensitive skin :smile: Prices would be helpful too!

  5. You can stop by any little threading salon and try it out there. Check out the other thread on threading eyebrows if your not into waxing. There are tons of salons all over NYC so it shouldn't be that hard finding one.
  6. Sorry I forgot to mention, it should be anywhere from like $5-$10! Good luck!
  7. I've never had my eyebrows done by anyone other than myself (too afraid of mishaps) but I think I might take the plunge. I was wondering whether any of you ladies could recommend a good place that does threading well. I am open to any places in Manhattan or Brooklyn. I'm still a student so I'm looking to pay no more than $15.
    Please be specific (whether there's anyone to avoid/anyone to ask for); I don't want to walk out of the salon looking like Gwen Stefani in 1999.. :yucky:

    P.S. The title of this thread makes me giggle :lol:
  8. Anyone use someone good? After having a place mess mine up, they are finally growing in. Tia!
  9. 3305 89st. jackson heights,ny. 11372 .I am sure you will never do your eyebrows with someone else after getting your eyebrows done by the girl over here.Small place big satisfaction.
  10. robin evans is great. for an associate its $30 for robin herself $65. i also bought the anastasia kit, and did it myself last night, to be honest, it works really well and i think i did almost as good of a job as when i get it done professionally.
  11. threading $7

    141 Fulton Street 2nd floor between broadway and nassau st

    458 7th Ave 2nd floor between 34th and 35th st
  12. sorry i forgot the number is 718-458-0003.she charges $5 and her job worth many many more.besides she does eyebrows she also fix if you have messed by some other place.