Best place for diapers/wipes/etc?

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  1. This may be too general of a question, but I was wondering what people found was the best deal on diapers/wipes? I have heard that BJs/Sam's/Costco have good prices, but I wonder how that factors in when you consider the membership costs? I have also heard that Amazon Moms is a good deal (you get 15% off everything and free 2 day shipping, and up to 30% off on select diapers/wipes). Just wondering if anyone had any specific experiences or opinions they wanted to share. The delivery aspect does seem nice since we live in an urban area, but it probably all comes down to price...

  2. I'm a big fan of Amazon Mom, good prices w/o leaving the house. But I only order diapers from Amazon when I see a deal. I typically forums dedicated to diaper/wipe deals before ordering.

    I have a friend who does couponing, it's pretty time consuming, but she's been getting diapers dirt cheap. I tried a few times following her instructions and failed... never again am I couponing.
  3. I either buy from Amazon mom or depending on which has better pricing that day.
  4. Definitely Amazon Mom subscribe and save... I order Huggies wipes (my personal fave) from them at an amazingly low price.
    I also get my pampers through them.
  5. Agree on the Amazon mom subscribe and save...cheapest way to buy diapers I've found, and so easy to set so you never forget them, even when you're half crazy from lack of sleep.
  6. I'm a fan of the Amazon moms program, although I've never even bought diapers through it. LOL! You should definitely sign up for it, it's free - and then you get prime shipping for free on all Amazon Prime items for around 9 months after you sign up.

    We're getting ready to move to a more rural area though, so I might look into just having diapers delivered through Amazon, especially with two of them in diapers.
  7. What about Is Amazon still cheaper?
  8. lots of coupon blogs make posts on deals through amazon mom.. its usually on specific sizes though. i definitely think couponing can lead to some great deals, but it does require alot of patience!
  9. Thanks for all the info ladies! I signed up for Amazon Moms yesterday, now I just need to figure out what I should buy! lol
  10. Walgreens. They have a deal this month in their August booklet for $2 off of wipes and then they have $2 off of their infant care booklet. They had a sale the other day on them so I got them for $2 for 210 wipes. I find the best deals at Walgreens.