Best place for a burger

  1. The Best Burger
    The beef patty on a bun is America's contribution to world cuisine. Our food critic takes a cross-country -- and artery-clogging -- journey to find burger perfection.

    Patties of ground beef weighing from 1 ounce to 15 pounds, often not seasoned and cooked until gray, then served as a sandwich, usually between two halves of a compressible, flavorless untoasted bun, are this nation's leading contribution to world cuisine. In their fast-food form, burgers provide quantitative evidence for the charge, more widespread than ever, that Americans are a bunch of insensitive louts.

    But all across the country there are places, almost all of them locally owned operations, that cook and sell my idea of a first-rate burger. And I've been on a hunt to find the best of them. After braving aortic clogging in several dozen of the nation's most highly touted burger joints and burger temples, I found burger perfection -- in the form of a simple bacon-topped double patty dusted with cayenne -- in the heart of a big city, but along the way tasted everything from fast-food's big names to haute-cuisine burgers with foie gras.

    After a certain amount of time spent wallowing in burgers, you inevitably begin to see complexity where most people just see a simple dish. But a fellow who is about to announce his choice for the WGB (World's Greatest Burger) should have an aesthetic, a set of standards that guide his judgments in burger court.

    What's your favorite place?

  2. The best burger I ever had was at Silverado Brewery in Napa Valley on Hwy 29 in St. Helena. Their burgers are made with Niman Ranch Beef and it's just delicious with grilled red onions. Yummy!
  3. mmm... I want a burger now.
  4. i LOVE five guys burgers. mmmm... i can so go for one right now.
  5. 'Tween Waters Tiki Bar on North Capitiva Island off Sanibel Island on the Gulf of Mexico. Yummy!!!
  6. As for corporations. The Hamburgers at Ruby Tuesdays and Fuddruckers are pretty good.
  7. I only eat one or two fast food burgers a year...the other day I completely re-arranged my bedroom alone, took tons of furniture apart, cleaned cleaned cleaned, and it took hours! Afterwards, I demanded the biggest juiciest bacon cheeseburger SO could get his hands on after work, lol, so he grabbed one for me from Steak & Shake, and it was pretty good. In terms of fast food, I've discovered Backyard Burger is pretty good, and a Five Guy's just opened up around here, so I might try that later this year.
  8. I really want a hamburger now.
  9. yum. in & out is the bomb!
  10. I am surprised they didn't say Huts for Austin - yum!!
  11. I adore In-n-Out! Six days until I get my next one! I'm drooling! :smile:
  12. YUM! I love in-n-out for their burgers!
  13. Oh my GOD!

    Apache Burger in Toronto

    Harvey's all over Canada.
  14. For national chains, I vote for Fuddruckers, followed by Burger King and Wendy's. Which of the latter is better will differ according to location, time of day, and planetary alignment.
  15. Hut's is fabulous in Austin--interesting that they skipped it...