Best Pillows???

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'm looking to buy some new pillows for my bed. The ones I currently have are just not providing enough support for my head and neck. I've used down pillows in the past and they just don't provide enough support. I have one tempur-pedic body pillow from brookstone that I like alot. So I was thinking about getting the regular pillows that they have, but I wanted to check with you guys first to see if there's anything else I should consider. Please help!! Thanks :flowers:.
  2. I like goose down, because I can smoosh them.
  3. european sleepworks oxygen pillows are amazing...and I really like their wool pillows too! check out their website This company is really great.
  4. My BF has one of those buckwheat pillows, and it's great for support!
  5. I have a Goose Down pillow (30cm x 30cm) that I bought from ...ahhh, can't remember the name, it's one of those popular catalogues that sells sheets, rugs, pillows and blankets... that I absolutely love! I've always slept on Goose Down pillows :smile:
  6. ^^ I love down pillows too, but because of my dust mite allergies I stay away from them...they harbour mites like you would not believe!
  7. I use an Anti-allergan Pillow Protector case on our goose down pillows
    and it works great! Both DH and I have allergies, plus he has asthma.
  8. I use a special pillow that's indented in the middle. This is to insure that my back is properly aligned whether i sleep on my side or on my back and it also gives me neck support too. I got it from my chiropractor. It's the best pillow ever!
  9. Yeah I love down pillow too, but after awhile they provide absolutely no support for me.
  10. I have a BW pillow also. Definately worth a try, you either love it or hate it!
  11. I have Tempur pedic pillows too, they have the traditional style of pillow as well as one for side sleepers- we have both which we love. We actually started witht the pillows and then finding them so brilliant we finally bought the bed. No regrets whatsoever even though it is a pricey line and takes some getting used to 'break in'. I have a 7 month so sleep is precious (even more so when she was a newborn!) and the tempur makes the the little sleep time we have so much more restful.
  12. Good to know that you like it. I guess I can't go wrong with the Tempur-pedic.
  13. I have the regular tempur-pedic pillow from Brookstone, and I :heart: it! I used to have neck soreness, and after I started using it, I really believe the pillow helped with the soreness.
  14. We sleep on Phoenix Down pillows and they are great!
  15. Obusforme foam pillows, hands down ! Sooooo good !