Best picture of Hillary Clinton I've ever seen in my life!

  1. I don't want this to turn political but here it is:

  2. ooooh she was a little hottie :biggrin:
  3. loll she is HOT!!
  4. That's a great pic of her.
  5. She looks so beautiful.
  6. Nice pic!
  7. She does look very pretty there.
  8. Wow!!!
  9. That is a beautiful picture of her - I wonder what year it is from? Most of the pictures I have seen of her in her youth she looks very frumpy.
  10. i know! i saw the pic this morning and i thought she looked good!
  11. I think she sometimes wears Hermes scarves. I don't know why people put her down for her image; I think she looks distinguished.

    But yeah I can see why Bill married her from that pic.
  12. very pretty!!!
  13. I am liking that long hair, kind of makes me yearn for length again (i just cut it really short)
    Do you think if she grew her hair out now during her campaign then that would change her image to the public? I don't imagine how it could but I think it would.
  14. Had no clue she was a former brunette!!
  15. Wow, never would've guessed that was Hillary.