Best pepper?

  1. I like Pepper and spicy foods.

    I want to get the best (tastiest) pepper there is and I've heard Jamaican pepper (bigger brown pepper "balls") to grind is the best. Is that true? Which pepper has the best quality and taste (red, green, white, black, rose, ..., from what region/country...)?

    Thanks! :tup:
  2. I've only had regular pepper and white pepper. I prefer the white on eggs and pasta. It has a slightly pungent taste that I really like!
  3. I can't give regional recommendations, but I really prefer white pepper. Normally, I never use salt or black pepper, NEVER. But when I started using white pepper, I loved it. I love how it's not strong. It is mild and a bit smoky in flavor.

    If you like spicy things then white pepper might be a bit mild for you. But as an everyday pepper, it is tasty, give it a try.
  4. I prefer cooking with whole pepper corns, or just crushing them lightly and adding them into the food.

    Cayenne pepper is good too, very hot.

    Other peppers that I have are reddish pepper flakes from a korean market, they have a slight sweet flavour actually but very nice.

    Love spicy peppers, fresh, dry, ground spices, yum!
  5. Are you asking about Scotch Bonnet and/or habanero chilis? Those are very spicy and have to be handled with gloves. I don't find flavor as much as spicy hot. Flavorful peppers, IMO, are a combination of black, red, and green peppercorns. Not to spicy but with some hint of woodiness and nuttiness.