best pencil for smokey eyes?

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  1. I have the wet dry eyeliner from laura mercier, and its great, just wet the brush and start dabbing, but its too precise, and takes me longer to do. so i was looking for a smokey pencil where if it smudged, it'd still look okay. so i combed through the first couple of eyeliner pages, from the best eyeliner to smokey eyes, but couldn't deduce which type from gel to kohl to cream..

    and is it that you put a dark liner on your upper lids, then a dark shade like black and grey on top of that and then on the lids you put another darker color like purple?
  2. For my eyeliner portion of my smokey eye I use MAC shadow DRY in carbon and a particular angled brush and basically dab it on. It always look awesome!

    I use mac brushes for my smokey eye and they are great!!! I just went to the counter and said give me whatcha got after seeing a gf of mine using them!! They will show you how to use them as well!
  3. ^^did you wet the brush or is it dry?

  4. I use it dry but my gf uses it wet. I just don't like the harsher lines. When I dab in on when it's dry is just adds a little touch- not overkill. My gf's looks more like liquid eyeliner which (if you use on the top and botton) can make your eyes appear smaller!
  5. Oh and also I use the carbon (black) color and another color by MAC called Quarry for the crease. Quarry is realllllly gorgeous!
  6. Yeah MAC is awesome :smile: I use their stuff alot too.
  7. what shades are these? like carbon and quarry, what do they generally connotate.
  8. As long as the pencil is soft enough not to tug at or hurt your skin, and it is a color that looks good on you, the determining factor will be in the hand that uses the pencil, neither its price nor the name printed on its side.
  9. Sue Devitt's eye intensifer pencil. It comes in some really pretty shades. You can get it from sephora.
  10. I mostly use a high quality shadow, and a good brush. but if I do use pencil (since I dont use it that much)it is really anybrand that is not to soft because then it gets everywhere, or to hard then it tugs. I just make sure to use a smudging tool to give it a smoky effect.
  11. I personally love Teddy Eye kohl by Mac. It is soft and the color is gorgeous. It always gets smudgy and still looks great. I think all of their eye kohls are probably good, depending on the color that best suits you!M·A·C Cosmetics | Eye Kohl
  12. Oh, and I forgot to say, once you get the pencil on, if you want to make it smokier, go over the pencil with a dark eye shadow applied with an angle brush, then smudge the whole thing with a pointy Q tip.
  13. Benefit bad gal liner is great. It goes on thick and it stays that way or is easily smudge-able.
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