Best pads for heavy flow

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  1. I never wear pads, haven't worn one for years. I've always felt like they're too diaper-like. I'm pregnant and due in a little under two months. For a couple of weeks after having the baby, I'm supposed to be prepared for heavy-period-type bleeding, and can't wear tampons. Could some of the regular pad wearing folks recommend what I should be looking for for a heavy flow? What's overnight vs. super? Any recommendations on brands of pads? The only thing I remember is that I didn't like the plasticky stuff on Always, but it's literally been at least 10 years, probably longer. I'd love for them to be lighter-weight and as thin as possible, but I recognize that might not be possible for the super-type pads?
  2. Kotex overnight pads were the BEST after I gave birth!!! :tup: They're really thick and long, so there's lots of coverage and it's almost like a little cushion for your sore lady bits when you're sitting.
  3. are you expecting a c-sect or vaginal kim?
    What I didn't know w/ my 1st baby but learned w/ my twins is to buy some granny panties to compress the tummy a little and to really secure the pads.
    Get some good over night ones, but you'll be changing them so often you'll be okay anyhow.
  4. Yes, definitely agree about granny panties too!! Not only will they be comfortable but you won't have to worry or be upset that you ruined a pair of good undies if you have a leak. I bought some Hanes granny panties...Loved them!
  5. I would say go with the overnight pads. They are longer than even the super pads, because they are manufactured under the assumption that the wearer is lying down. The brand I use for overnight is Stayfree Ultra Thin Overnight. They have the length of an overnight pad, but they are thinner, so they don't feel like you're wearing a diaper if you're wearing them during the day. They also have wings to help hold them in place better.
    I also recommend grannie panties. Even though I have never given birth, I still wear grannie panties during my period (when I actually get it). Bleeding is uncomfortable enough without wearing skimpy underpants.
  6. I agree with everyone above. I have a fibroid which causes me to have a heavier flow the first 3 days of my period and the overnights work really well. I like the Stayfree too. I also just feel more comfortable in full coverage panties during that's all about comfort!

  7. Thanks, ladies! I'll pick up some of the overnight ones, then. Will get the Stayfree and the Kotex and see which I like better. It hadn't even occurred to me that I might want some extra padding down there, so that was a good thing to point out. :wtf:

    My friend who just had her second baby is coming to visit me soon and is going to help me put together a list of what I need. She's already mentioned the granny panties, but I should start looking for those. I've stuck with my hanky panky lace undies so far through pregnancy, but I don't think they'll work so well with the pads!

    Swanky, I'm hoping it will be vaginal...sort of hoping that, anyway -- I had my childbirth prep class all day on Saturday and had my moments of thinking a scheduled c-section sounded pretty good. But overall, I'd like to avoid major abdominal surgery if I can. But you get the bleeding either way, right? (which to be honest didn't even occur to me till I read it somewhere...)
  8. I use always pads. They are the best for a heavy flow.
  9. ^^:yes:
    I've delivered both ways and vaginal is easist and healthiest to recover from, better for baby too.
    One of my twins had "wet lung" and was in the NICU although 7lbs and full term because c-sect babies don't go through the birthing canal which compresses the fluid from the lungs.

    Also, spray some w/ a water bottle and refrigerate them. . . it feels SOOO good on a sore bottom:yes:
  10. I remember they gave me some in the hospital and I was initially laughing, they looked HUGE! (and I had a c-section and didn't think it would be a huge issue) - short story, still an issue :wtf: and I was SO GLAD to have those big thingies! After the initial few days, the overnight ones worked well, I just made sure to get the ones with 'wings'. And agree 1000% with the recommendation for 'grannies' - a must! Best of luck to you! :smile: (and so great to get a friend's helpful advice!)
  11. I was going to suggest Always b/c they really do a good job pulling in moisture so it feels super dry. Love that, esp overnight! but I see you don't care for them now that I've read your post again...
  12. I'd recommend Always and Stayfree overnight. I used always for heavy flow after I had my daughter (had a C-section). I wish you the best of luck during your delivery, enjoy it! lol.
  13. I usually wear Always. A few years ago, I got bored of it and decided to try Kotex, which is not bad either. I recommend both.