Best Paddington colour?

  1. Ok so the Paddington has been out coming up to 4 seasons now...I still prefer the original medium style but what would you consider to be the best colour?
  2. grenat!
  3. Whiskey
  4. I'm guessing you'll probably hear a lot of different answers!
    I love my Craie.
  5. Do you ever regret parting with your grenat paddy?

    I haven't used her as much as I do the blue nuit (since the blue seems more wearable year round) but she is happily hibernating until the fall and then I'm sure she'll be all about the town.

  6. Tan :smile:
    Its as if the paddington was made to be this colour.

    Suits every season and goes with everything.
  7. Mousse, and then Whiskey!
  8. I have tan and I absolutely love the color - it is very versatile and goes with almost everything I wear. I love chocolate too though I've never seen one IRL.
  9. I think you will never reach a definite conclusion this way. It's more about finding the best color for you. I love my khaki/forest green Paddington, though...
  10. yeah I guessed it would be differing answers!

    I am thinking of getting tan again as I think it is the 'classic' paddington colour
  11. I second the Grenat!!:yahoo:

    admitedly I only have two designer bags (Paddy and Balenciaga) but I tend to use my grenat more than my sky blue balenciaga..

    I get heaps of compliments on the beautiful leather on my chloe....and she just feels and looks so rich and decadent!!

  12. Choco!!!
  13. I have a few faves, however the best is, without a doubt - WHISKEY!! :wlae: It goes with the look of the bag sooo well.
  14. ^^I agree with lovensparkle~ Whiskey is definitely the best padding color~
  15. Craie....I'm on the hunt.