Best outlet shopping on West Coast?

  1. If Woodbury Commons is the bomb in New York, where is the best outlet shopping on the West Coast?
  2. Cabazon, California
  3. i agree to the above 2 posts!
  4. yup yup..
    it must be cabazon!even though it doesnt have chanel:'(
  5. I live in SoCal so I've been to Cabazon countless times but I have NEVER purchased anything there. Perhaps, it's very popular so a lot of the goodies fly out the door too quickly.
  6. yup, Cabazon is the real deal here!
  7. Shoot! I was hoping there was something else out there! I know about Cabazon, have been once. At least this confirms that I wasn't missing out on anything over here!

    Thanks everyone!!
  8. yea for socal cabazon. for norcal it's gilroy. never been to either though
  9. Hey, good timing for the thread. I just got my VIP Club email from the Chelsea Outlet Stores and there is a VIP shopping event on 4/21. Chelsea runs the Cabazon location. We have one crummy one here in Portland. Still - may have to check it out!
  10. Eh, I don't think Gilroy is great at all. Best shop there is the Banana Republic Outlet, which you can find in any outlet mall in the US. Great Mall in Milpitas isn't much better, but it's at least enclosed and has an Off 5th.:smile:
  11. You know, any place that has an Off 5th or NM Last Call is a great outlet mall.

    Ever shopped in a Last Call on New Year's Eve? We did in Nevada and the store manager went crazy, offerring additional 20% to everyone's purchase if they charge to NM card later in the afternoon (3pm?). Made the announcement over the loudspeaker, and it lasted one hour only. And that was in addition to all the Christmas discounts! It was nuts!! I scored some beautiful David Yurman blue chalcedony/diamond jewelry for dirt cheap!
  12. norcal has a Neimans last call now too... i think it may be at gilroy but not sure
  13. ^Nope, it just opened at Great Mall in Milpitas. :smile:
  14. How about the outlet stores on Stateline in Nevada? We always stop there on the way to Las Vegas. They have a Neimans outlet and lots of other great stores!