Best outlet in FL?

  1. hey guys, I'm going to FL the 2nd week of May and I was wondering if there's any great shopping destinations I MUST stop by...TIA!! :heart:
  2. Mall at Millenia in Orlando has LV, Gucci, Christian Dior, Furla, Chanel, Jimmy Choo......
  3. Sawgrass mills mall in ft lauderdale is great also!..they have chanel, juicy couture, burberrry, etc outlet prices!! :yahoo:
  4. :huh:h cool, thanks for the info!!! you guys are great! can't wait to do this in Fl!!! :beach:
  5. Ellenton Prime Outlet is great
  6. What are you shopping for??? That may help too.
  7. Ha Me too Going on the 10th... Mall at Millenia is really good! x
  8. In addition to Orlando and Sawgrass Mills, I believe it it exit 23 on I-75 between Naples and Fort Myers--they have St. Johns, Cole-Haan, etc.
  9. I never had much luck at Sawgrass!
  10. If your looking for great outlet shopping try Premium outlet in Orlando. They have Fendi, Burberry, and other high end. The address is 8200 Vineland Avenue

    There is also a very large outlet on International Drive. I think its called Bells Factory outlets. It'll take about two days to go through it all. They have Nike, and the usual outlet stores.
  11. oh cool footstepper!! maybe we'll bump into each other w/o acknowledgement...haha...
    KellyBag, what I really want to do is go to the Gucci outlet. Last time I was at the outlet in NY, couldn't find anything at Gucci outlet, so I'm hoping i'll find something in FL..thanks for the replies guys!
  12. Are there any good outlet malls in Tampa? Thanks!
  13. ^ the ellenton one is close to tampa I think ... I was only there once. orlando may actually be closer.
  14. The Premium outlet is great, and if you catch it just right, there can be great sales. There is also a Dior, Ferragamo, Tod's, as well as the others mentioned above.

    For regular shopping, my fav is the Millenia Mall on Conroy & I-4. Lots of great stores there -- Chanel, NM, Bloomingdales, Jimmy Choo, Tiffany, Ferragamo, LV, Dior, Coach, Furla, Cole-Hahn, etc. One side is higher end, and the other side has Macy's, Talbot's, etc. Great shopping and great restaurants.
  15. Not really. The Ellenton outlets are about an hour south on I-75 towards Sarasota. The Orlando Premium outlets are towards the East off I-4, which is about 1.5 hrs from Tampa. The traffic can be really bad once you're in the Kissimmee/Disney area. I'd recommend the latter though. (I used to live in Tampa--boy, I miss the sun & the shopping down there!):sad: