Best outlet haul ever!!!

  1. My best outlet haul ever!! I am super excited :smile: to share with you all what I got! Who wants to see?????
  2. me! i wanna be green with envy!
  3. I'm here!
  4. Here it is!!
  5. Me, meeeee! I wanna see :lol:
  6. open!
  7. New pretty deletes!!?! I agree, open em! :smile:
  8. Little things first.. Best of all this was on clearance :yahoo:
  9. Here it is!!! Madison chain crossbody in scarlet!
  10. She's gorgeous! And on clearance?!!?! Absolute steal, lucky gal!!
  11. Grey quartz phoebe!!! Love love loveeee this color with silver hardware!
  12. Wait, they gave you gift boxes from the full price store at the outlet????
  13. This was at the outlet. Well, I asked for it and they gave it!!
  14. Love both of them! I saw the grey quartz phoebe yesterday at my outlet and almost bought it. A beautiful color and it looks so good with silver hardware.

    I've also gotten full size boxes at my outlet. Sometimes they offer, sometimes I ask.
  15. And.....