Best Orlando Coach Outlet

  1. Hey ladies. I'm going to Orlando in a couple of days for a short time. I've read there are a couple of Coach outlets there and I want to check out one (very limited time). Which is the best?? Been there lately?? What's in stock?? TIA!! :okay:
  2. Nobody??
  3. I've only been a few times, but Prime seems to be less crowded then Premuim. Premuim has alot of people, but more clereance I think. They're only about 10 mins from each other so if you have 2 hours you could probably do both.
    : )
  4. ^^^ Oooohh, thanks for the heads up!!! :tup:
  5. Premium Outlets on Vineland has the best selection. The other Coach outlet has moved to a new center and traffic is ridiculous on weekends....They are within 10-15 minutes of each other so you can do both!
  6. Oooh. I've only been to one. I wonder where the other is? I've been to the one next to the Dolly Parton place.
  7. The other is at the end of International Drive. Used to be in the same plaza as Off Fifth. They've torn down the old Belz Mall and that is the site for the "new" outlet center (which I think is also a "Premium" center but traffic is horrendous in and out of there. That new Coach store is bigger than the Vineland one (Vineland is the one by Dolly Parton place!)
  8. Ok. Thanks! I'll look for it next time I go. Hey, I'm close to you. I think we really need a Tampa/Orlando/Brandon meet. :tup:
  9. YEAH! I think so too!

    I've met at least five other Tampa gals this week, due to a drama with NM!!!

    I'm heading to Saks tomorrow....and maybe Ellenton!!!
  10. I wish I could come. I'm 15 minutes from there but it's too tempting. Maybe in the future.