Best Organizer for Rose Ballerine Interior?

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  1. Hi all! I recently bought the beautiful Neverfull MM in Azur with Rose Ballerine interior, and I wanted to ask: does anyone have suggestions for a good purse organizer?

    I ordered the purse bling zippered organizer in pink (I have one in red for my DE NF and love it) but the color didn't go well with the RB. Would love to hear if you've found one that matches with RB or at least would blend and not cover it too much! Thanks! [emoji4]
  2. Hello
    I have the delightful mm in DA with rb interior and I ordered the samorga in Indian pink and it looks very nice together

  3. I have this one from in Indian Pink, and it's perfect. These are made of wool felt, and besides being lightweight and incredibly well made, the wool protects your SLGs from getting scratched.

    It takes 2-3 weeks to receive, but the best organizers on the market.
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  4. +1!!
  5. Hi, I've been checking out this same organizer for my NF! Is the center piece of the organizer detachable with velcro? It doesn't say in the description on the website but kinda looks like it might be from the picture. TIA!
  6. Thank you all for your responses! It's good to hear there seems to be a clear winner! I'm just a little nervous, though, because it looks like it'll take a long time to receive the organizer and they don't take returns. Would anyone possibly be able to share a picture of their Samorga organizer with their RB-interior bag so we can see the colors together? TIA! [emoji4]
  7. I have been researching this exact same question! Thank you! Does the Samorga organizer zip? Because that is my main concern with the neverfulls
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    I really like those by 47th Heaven. She is on Etsy. Many colors to choose from.
  9. @Venice04 I checked her Etsy store and they look very nice - do you know if the "barely pink" color goes well with Rose Ballerine as she says?

    Also just bumping this thread because I'm planning on ordering something tonight or tomorrow - would love any more thoughts/input and especially pictures if possible! Thanks to all who have chimed in so far! :smile:
  10. Did you look at the sample swatch she has? Can you enlarge it on your screen? Mine should be arriving any day now. I ordered one with special sizes, as I have the SC PM, and it is slightly smaller than the Speedy 30. She added pockets to the outside for me too. The color is not an exact match, but it is closer than what others offer. I chose Brown Sugar. I have pockets on the outside of my NF MM DE organizer too. She is very nice to work with.
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