Best option for a first bag?


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Mar 2, 2019
I tend towards totes or hobos—definitely want something I can carry on my shoulder. Neverfull seems like a good option, but I’m not sure if I should go for PM or MM? Any other suggestions for a first LV?
If you are going to get the Neverfull, go for the MM. I am starting to save up for the GM to use as my carry-on/travel bag and will cinch it to use as a weekend shopper. My main, and first, bag is a Speedy B 25 DE. Can wear cross body, or as a shoulder bag and then handheld. I also use for casual weekenders, the Saleya MM DA and a Cabas Piano. I thought I could use the Saleya for travel with the zipper, but it's too small. The Speedy always travels with me, though, as it is so versatile. You just need to think about your lifestyle and what works best. So, go to the store and try several. Have fun picking one!
For a first bag I’d say the Graceful MM since you like hobo/shoulder style bags. The PM Neverfull is quite small and I see it as more of a crook of the arm, hand carry tote. The MM Neverfull is also a nice size as well.
Neverfull MM or graceful PM. I have both and they’re great shoulder bags. Obviously, they are different styles. I suggest you try them on if you can.
My first was the NF MM and I absolutely love it! I also love the little pouch that comes with it for quick trips to the store -I was never a tote girl but am hooked -

I purchased the Catogram NF because I love animals - it only came in the MM size but I really would prefer a GM - I do not think the MM is as big people make it out to be - you should try on both in the store - I am a big girl and tall so take that into consideration too
I have both the Graceful MM and the Neverfull MM and don't think you can go wrong either way, but if I had to recommend one, I'd definitely recommend the Neverfull. Having two straps makes it easy to grab something inside your purse without having to take it off your shoulder. Also easier to fit things like jackets or blankets, and fish around inside, due to the wider opening.

Just my two cents. Let us know what you went with.