Best Online Schools?

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  1. I'm looking at getting my associates degree in business, b/c where I work I need a 2 year degree to become a manager. I really have no time what so ever to run to an actual college so I'm trying to find an online school where I can get my credits for my associates. I'm looking at majoring in business of any kind.

    Does anyone here recommend any good online schools?
  2. I highly recommend UMUC as it is not a for-profit school like U of Phoenix or Kaplan U, and is governed by the MD Board of Regents just like all the other Maryland schools (including the dental, medical, and law schools). However, I'm not sure they offer an associates.

    I'd look at your local community college--many now have degrees that can be done predominately or fully online.
  3. I agree about your local community college. I that would be a lot better than an online only school. Plus, you can take a lot of classes online at a comm. college once enrolled or at night, even on weekends.
  4. Definitely look at your local community college. If you just want your Associates, you can go through the CC, and then if you want to go for your bachelors, they can be easier to transfer credits from than some of the online schools. Plus, they are a LOT cheaper. I've been taking classes online through my local CC just to learn new things (computer programming, in my case), and have had a great experience with it. Plus, they have relationships with the other colleges in the area and have agreements for guaranteed enrollment and credit transfers from the CC to the other schools.

    If you're set on something other than a community college, make sure that the school is fully accredited and well respected. I've considered American Military University as another option, but I'm a bit biased because my sister and brother-in-law both teach for it and love it.
  5. I agree with going with a community college, it's how I got my associates and not only was it cheap, but when I graduated, I was able to take it to a University my community college had an agreement with, transfer 60 credits in and start on my BA. With all of the work I did on my associates through my community college, I'm basically done with my BA after a year and a half, but I'm stuck taking another semester of classes just to get to 120 credits. My associates degree fulfilled all of my general electives that I would have paid 3x's as much for at my University, since my community college charged about $95/credit, and my University charges $325/credit. While you may not ever need or want a BA, I think it's better to make a decision that will make that transition as easy as possible in the future, especially since I know someone who went to Strayer University online and when he was done and wanted to transfer to VA Tech, they basically told him is associates wasn't any good there, so be basically wasted 2 years for nothing. Better to be prepared for the worst, ya know? Good luck with taking classes online, I've done it twice and I came to realize I do not have the discipline to actually do the work that way lol.