Best ONLINE place to purchase a Bbag

  1. Hey ladies, where is the best online place to get a Bbag??? I need to order and one ASAP. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. nevermind I just read that they do not sell their handbags online. I guess I'll have to get it in the city.
  3., I think, but there's a warning somewhere in the forum against them, because they started asking weird questions about a customer's bank statement etc, so I'd stick to the stores:smile:
  4. I'm biased, but online consignment shops are the only exception to getting Balenciaga bags online without dealing with the fakes on eBay. Sometimes you can get lucky and brand new with tag bags go up for resale as well. Good luck!
  5. Theres really no online place to get bbags. But, you can still get them very easily. You can call BalNy, or you can go through Aloha rag. I've ordered from both, very smooth process.
  6. I ordered my Twiggy from Bob Ellis Shoes in Charleston. If you go to their website and add your email to their mailing list they will send you a list of their stock via a private listing (they will send you a password to get in) as they do not show their Balenciaga, Chloe, Gucci, Prada, etc. inventory online. Ask for Bill Dowling! He's very knowledgeable and loves to talk BBags and will send you as many photos as you need on any particular bag you may be interested in. They have a very generous return/exchange policy as well. :yes:
  7. I have ordered from Aloha Rag and found their service to be excellent.
  8. That's what I did with Bob Ellis...I just used their online site to find out what they had available. I still had to call in the order over the phone. :yes: It was nice to see the actual photos of the bags before ordering though....I didn't want any unwanted surprises! LOL!!
  9. luisa viaroma in italy, very good
  10. :yes:
    Thanks Debsmith! Emailing them now! :yes:
  11. AFF had a nice Indigo Day this evening for only $700