Best on sale Jimmy Choo shoes ever bought. Wanna look?

  1. Hello, ladies.

    Just came home from Oslo, and bought some amazing shoes from Jimmy Choo on sale. They are so pretty!!

  2. Hope you like'em!
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  4. That is a great blue. Looks really close to the Electric Blue of a few years back. The favorite Choo color of lots of us here.
  5. Oh, those are pretty! I wish I could wear the sky high heels.
  6. The shoes are gorgeous, love the colour. Glad you made it home safely from Oslo.
  7. I just bought those shoes in black suede. How do you like them? Are they comfortable? I hope they are somewhat comfortable. I bought them for a wedding.
  8. great color
  9. omg, those are seriously amazing. congrats
  10. Wow those are beautiful!!!!
  11. Beautiful!!!
  12. These look amazing! How much did you get them for?
  13. I found these at The District DSW in Tustin, CA! The price was $399, but it was a green tag, so you take 70% OFF! They were $120!! I wish I would have bought them!!


    They look green, but they are actually beige!
  14. Oh wow $120 amazing!!
  15. Omg 120$ only!? Amazinggg! Ö