Best oil blotting sheets

  1. Any suggestions on which ones work the best?
  2. I really like the Clean and Clear stuff. It's kind of pricey though, I usually just use this pharmacy brand from Hong Kong (which I pretty much buy in bulk whenever I go back).
  3. I love the Sephora ones. They come on a roll so you can take as much or little as needed. I don't like the kind with powder on them so I love these!
  4. Don't pay money for those! I use toilet seat covers. I know, I know, trust me they work perfectly. Best thing is they are free!!! One seat cover makes alot of little sheets. I cut them into squares and put'em in a bag.

    Way overpriced to buy. I refuse.
  5. I like Boscia and Anna Sui the best. Boscia green tea is my favorite flavor. They have so many different ones.

    In desperation, I have used toilet seat cover when I don't have blotting sheets and it does work. Though somehow, it doesn't quite feel the same to me. ;)
  6. :lol: I'm sure the fact that they ARE toilet seat covers doesn't feel quite as refreshing, I guess. They work though.

    I'm wierd I know... I buy $1k handbags, but I "steal" toilet seat covers to use for blotting sheets.:lol:
  7. I swear the Clean & Clear ones are the only ones I think people should buy. I like the Chanel ones, well just cuhs theyre Chanel, and have a built in mirror =]
  8. What also works the same as the toilet seat covers is the white tissue paper that is used to stuff handbags...but I always have white tissue paper on hand for gift bags, too. Way less expensive than those oil blotting sheets:smile:
  9. Hmmm...that's interesting about the toilet seat covers. Has anyone tried the Shiseido ones? I've read some good reviews on those. They do have the powder on them, though, and someone here said they don't like the ones with the powder.
  10. how interesting about the toilet paper! i am using paul & joe's blotting paper. not too bad other than the pretty case it comes with.
  11. Tissues and paper towels work just fine as long as you just press them on your face and don't rub.

    I didn't realize the cosmetic industry had yet again come up with another expensive item to empty our wallets. I'm glad live a sheltered life. My shoe and handbag addiction empties my wallet enough as it is!:shame:
  12. The Shiseido ones are THE best! I have gotten lazy lately and have been buying the Clean & Clear ones at the drugstore and I think they stink! Not half as good as Shiseido IMO
  13. Thanks, Nishi! I'm thinking I need the powder in addition to the oil absorption because I'm really oily even though I'm in my 40's. I'll try to pick the Shiseido up this weekend.

    I think I will also try the Clean and Clear, just because they're cheap, to see how they work for me, and because several people like them.
  14. For ones without powder, I like the Clean and Clear. I have very oily skin so I like the ones with powder sometimes. I use Palladio powdered sheets from Sally's beauty supply. They are cheap and work well for me. If you don't have a Sally's nearby, try ebay.
  15. I am 41 and still have oily skin (only on my face) and still get break outs. Will it ever end?