Best Offers??

  1. Does anyone know how to add a best offer to a buy it now on eBay? I have only been able to do buy it nows and there is not a place to add a best offer? Do you have to be a store to do this?
  2. You have to list your item under the "fixed price format" after you add your price you should see a box to check that says something like allow best offers. If you let me know exactly how you are listing I can walk you through it:smile:
  3. Thank you! I have not yet listed the item. I will try these tips and get back to you guys.
  4. Be prepared for some complete idiots to give you rediculously low offers though :sad: . I stopped using this option as honestly, the offers people wasted your time with were unbelievable. If I am doing it now I just put a buy it now price. If people are interested they will steal see if they can cut a deal!
  5. Good point chloe! Thank you.
  6. oh yes the idiot offers.. Like $2.00 for a $250.00 pair of sunglasses. I could go on all day on that topic but that just comes with all the eBay weirdo's.

    They drive me crazy.:nuts:
    I got to the point of just ignoring the offers because going in & declining them was a waste of time but..... Now eBay has added a feature where you can set it up to auto decline offers below what ever price you are willing to take. That works really well. I use it all the time. You still get the offer but right after they send it ebay declines it for you. I think it's kinda funny:lol:
  7. Oh, that is a great feature. I am going to list my item tonight and see how this all works! Thanks everyone!

  8. Idiot offers is a good way to put it - I think some people just pass the time offering pennies cause they are IDIOTS!! :cursing:
    Thanks sweetestsin30, I didn't know Ebay had that new feature, I might again use the best offer option.
  9. Your welcome.

    I have no idea WHY they do it. I just had someone offer me $1,000,000. for a item. Of course they are just messing around but could you imagine the ebay fess on that offer if I called their bulff & accepted it?;)

    It seems like I get all the ebay freaks:shrugs:
  10. I did almost abandon using the Best Offer feature in my auctions but last purse I sold I gave it a shot. Worked out nice as the 1st best offer I got was just 20 dollars below what I asked. So I accepted it. Most times I get offered 50 bucks on a purse I want 350 for.
  11. I just saw this thread and was about to post about "idiot offers" but it has already been done!:lol:
  12. I posted some items today and decided I would try the Best Offer option --- WHAT a mistake ---- ALREADY I have someone that offered me $500 less than my auction price!! I really want to respond with some smart ass remark!
  13. The best way around it is to include an auto decline for offers less than $.... It's the little box that you tick right under the Best Offer feature. That way, you don't have to decline every offer there is, just the really absurd ones ;)

    Correction: oops, I didn't realized someone has already given the same suggestion.
  14. BTW, Best offers is a great tool. It draws a lot of watchers to your auctions. I've used the feature a lot and it is definitely worth its weight in gold. I've counteroffered many times and these were often accepted. People in general just love discounts, be it $10 or $20.
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