Best Offer- why sometimes no Counteroffer option?

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  1. I can't figure out if this is a glitch with me or with eBay:p...why is that sometimes I have the option to counteroffer a Best Offer, and other times only Accept or Decline? The Best Offer blurb on their site is no help...
  2. hmmm not sure, all i know is that over here in the uk we don't have the counter offer thing at all, which can be annoying
  3. Oh hmm I don't know. In the US we can counteroffer back and forth. Maybe unique to the Canadian and other intl sites?
  4. I experienced this too and really would like to others have said, perhaps it has something to do with which country eBay you live in?
    Anyone to clarify?
  5. maybe its to do with which country the offer is coming from, say i made an offer to someone in the US , i reckon they might not be able to counter offer as i'm in the uk and we don't have the counter offer option here.
  6. I usually list on and can always counter. I just found out this morning, after listing on, that you cannot counter and that the other party can only make one offer. That is ridiculous. Why not have all the ebay sites the same? I am ticked not as I could not counter her offer and she cannot submit another one.
  7. yes, its totally stupid that we can only send one offer, why why why why why? what could possibly be the reasoning behind it?
  8. We can counteroffer here in the U.S. I think I remember hearing something about other countries not having that option for some reason. It is kind of dumb that it would be different for other countries though.
  9. Yes. Like I mention above, if I list on all options are there. When I list on it's very restricted.
  10. I must not have read your post, bnjj! I have seen it on other threads, but I think I accidentally skipped your post on this one. Sorry!:upsidedown: