Best Offer, questions.

  1. Hey gals, First post in this thread.
    I'm selling a small Coach evening bag on eBay, I listed for 75 OBO. I got two offers today, one for 50 an one for 68.
    I checked out the buyers. The $50 is a person with 1500+ feedback and several coach items for sale, obivouisly wanting to make a profit.
    The $68 is a person with 29 feedback but only registered for a month. I check for feedback and its all good but every item but one she's bought is a coach bag, wallet, ect.
    Sounds strange to me.

    What do you think? With OBO do you counter offer or accept the highest? I'm trying to get the full $75 to pay a big part of my recent Coach Hippie purchase, mom's a little mad about that one. : )

  2. I would accept the highest, imo. Maybe the second person just really likes Coach items? But you can always do a counteroffer with the first person for $69 and see what they do. Then you can accept the second person if they back out.
  3. Thanks. The highest offer was the person with the 29/30 coach purchases.

    I think i'll be countering the $50 and see what happens.
    Anyone else have an opinion?
    : )
  4. I'd take the highest offer! I have a lady who has been registered for over a year, but all of her feeback has been in the past 3 weeks, and mainly for the same types of things. In the past week, from me alone, she's puchased 8 items with a bid on two more. 6 are already paid for and shipped. Lots of people, me included, will buy things for resell elsewhere. some just have serious addictions (once again, I am included in that! lol) and buy a lot of certain things!
  5. but if you wanted to get the full $75, why put the best offer option onto the listing?
  6. Well was planning on the aucton lasting a week, seeing what could get. I only paid 75 for the bag around xmas but it wasn't my style and I have to pay for the hippie.

    That being said, I checked my email after getting home and it sold for 75, so no worries.

    thanks for the input.
  7. Cool! Congrats on selling it for what you wanted!
  8. yay, well done !
  9. So I'm updating this. Due to bills I have to sell the Hippie I sold the other bag to pay for.
    I listed it for 275 BIN, OBO. I got a offer for 200, I counteroffered at 270, this is as low as I can go (purchased for 275w/shipping so after fees i'm losing around 10).
    Another users has been in contact with me abot the condition and being interested. She gave me an offer for 170, I haven't denied it but talked to her and she's willing to prob pay 270, just wanted to know my thoughts on the style.
    Now the question, if the user I counteroffered with doesn't reply before she buys through BIN, what will happen?
    Thanks girls,
  10. I think you're probably safe if the second buyer does the BIN. The counteroffer is only an offer until the first buyer accepts, until then, there is no agreement between the two of you.
  11. Thanks! There's only 4 hours left on the auction so I'm hoping someone does something...
    So if someone uses BIN the counteroffer doesn't matter? Just making sure.

    : )
  12. Right, if someone else BIN before the first buyer accepts your counteroffer, the counteroffer should close. I have only done best offer one time, and as I recall, when I accepted the seller's counteroffer, the auction closed, but if I didn't accept, the auction would continue and anyone else can come along and bid or BIN.
  13. I've won about 6 items so far and 4 of them were for coach items. Coach cannot be purcased new in the UK.
  14. ^^ Also when newbies get the eBay bug, they can really get the bug! I noticed that someone who made her first transaction two weeks ago buying from me has amassed a total of 22 purchases since then - and those are just the ones she has received feedback on!