Best offer question

  1. Has anyone ever submitted a best offer that was never responded to? This has happened alot to me lately(3 times) the seller never responded,so the offer expired. BTW this wasnt for a handbag. The offers were not far from the buy it now price-I'm a seller too so I wouldnt send a really low best offer_ I'm just wondering why some sellers don't respond at all if they put a best offer option on the item and there are no other offers?:confused1:
  2. It's possible that something occured in their life that has kept them from accessing eBay.

    I made an offer that expired and the seller emailed me a couple days later advising they were away.
  3. ^It could be but I'm referring to 3 different sellers.
  4. Hmm that's weird, but then again, it IS eBay! Ya just never know.

    I do notice that sometimes I don't get the notifications of best offers until way, way after they are submitted.
  5. maybe they didn't like your offer if thats the case it's rude not to respond to a potiential buyer...whose to say you wouldn't up the price
  6. ^^^i agree or that they were waiting around for someone else to make a better offer and were using yours as a back-up.
  7. Or, not to sound rude, seller thinks that you are lowballing them with your offer and they can't be bothered.