Best offer question

  1. I'm selling an item on eBay and have two offers..I counter offered both of them and both responded. How does that work?

    Is it the one who answers first gets the item? :confused1:

    Pardon my ignorance..never did best offer on eBay before.
  2. yes whoever accepts your offer first. good luck.
  3. Ok, so it wasn't bad that I counter offered two people at the same time then? I want to make sure I'm not going to PO anyone, you know?

    So just tell the other member that I received a counter offer before hers and sorry...? :confused1:
  4. Ok,

    New update:

    Now the seller who didn't respond first just accepted my counter offer and already sent me a payment.

    Should I tell her she wasn't the first person to respond and that she should take her $ back????? :confused1::confused1:

  6. I don't know the eBay rules on this but I'm sure they're in the Help section...that being said, I personally would consider this a "bird in the hand" situation, and just email the other person to let her know that the item is no longer for sale.
  7. Glad you got it worked out. Once your counter offer is accepted by a buyer, the auction ends and any other counter offers you have out there are closed automatically. You can have several counter offers out at one time and the first buyer who accepts wins.
  8. Sorry to hi-jack this thread, but how do you do a counter offer? On my listings where I have allowed best offer I can only accept or reject an offer?
  9. we can't counter offer over here, only one is allowed... which sucks !