Best Offer gone wrong...what to do?

  1. About a week ago I was selling a Kooba purse on eBay BIN or Best Offer. I received a best offer of $50 from a buyer who has just signed up for eBay and has 0 feedback. A few minutes later I saw the purse had sold- to the same buyer who submitted a best offer. I didn't think anything of it and sent out the invoice. Later I got an email from the buyer asking me why she got an invoice of $200 when she was only supposed to pay $50, and telling me she wouldn't pay until she got an invoice for $50. I wrote her back and told her that I had not accepted her offer of $50 and she had bought the purse for the full $200. Well, I got a nasty email back from her saying that she had assumed that if you submitted an offer and it was the best received, you could click Buy It Now and get it for the offer price (where she got this from, I don't know!) Anyway, after a few back-and-forth emails she decided she couldn't/wouldn't pay $200. Because she's new to eBay, I agreed to open up a mutual agreement dispute and not go through with the sale. When I first opened the dispute she sent me an email asking why I had opened a dispute when we had agreed, even though I explained that it wasn't a bad dispute and all she had to do was accept it. She won't do that! I'm not sure what to do now- I've never had anything like this happen before! I think she has a week to respond but the week's almost up. I just want my fees back. What happens now? Any suggestions?
  2. Get her conact info through ebay and call her.

    I suggest in the future when you send a mutual withdrawal, you email and explain it to the buyer before you send makes it easier.

  3. I did! I even sent her the description of the page from ebay. I clearly explained that it only meant that both of us were agreeing that we didn't want to do the sale and that nothing negative would come from it. She said she understood but still won't accept. Now I'm thinking maybe she doesn't realize she has to accept/agree.
  4. Sorry, but what an IDIOT buyer!
  5. It's time to get eBay involved and have them clean up the mess. Maybe she will believe it if they tell her.

    If she is so stupid as to jump into eBay without knowing anything about it and make up her own rules, you can't really expect her to be rational enough to comprehend your many detailed explanations.:rolleyes:
  6. Once the 7 days have passed, I would just file as a non-paying bidder and get your fees back. Obviously, she doesn't want to understand mutual agreement.
  7. This sounds like the best route to me.

    Also, block her from bidding on your items in the future.
  8. It is painful to deal with those irresponsible and rude buyers.
  9. i agree. her "logic" doesn't even make any sense! whenever you click "buy it now" it tells you the amount. and what makes her think that her offer was "the best" one? it makes no sense!

    this buyer is either extremely stupid or very sneaky (or both) and is just trying to harrass you to get a bag for a very low price. :yucky: the nerve of some people.

    i agree with the others, just wait 7 days and file an NPB. try to reason with her to sign the mutual widthrawal thing probably won't work, she sounds like she's not the sharpest knife in the drawer
  10. Again....stupid people ruin ebay for the rest of us. "Buy-it-Now" is not that hard to understand....DUH!

    I would agree - just file a NPB, block her from bidding on your other auctions and be done with her. Some people are just not worth wasting time over.
  11. I am rolling at this point, not for the seller, but omg... do all the nutjobs come out on Ebay at Christmas? Heck, are you sure your buyer/bidder is not the same one reporting me to Ebay because they were the highest bidder on my auction and I won't sell to them even though the reserve was not met? My lord.. someone spiked the Thanksgiving punch w/ more than liquor this year.
  12. She's a moron. Next time, make sure you add Immediate Payment Required when you choose to run a BIN auction.
  13. sorry you have to deal with such a stupid ebayer let the 7 days go by then file a NPB
  14. The mistake was on her part. I am sure ebay will refund your fees. The page on BIN makes it obvious how much you are paying before you commit to buy. Just relist and forget it ever happened

  15. I saw your thread on that, and I can't believe someone else is in a similar situation as me! I agree- the wackos do come out at Christmas. I've had 2 non-paying bidders and then this. I think I'm done selling for a while :sad: