1. Crap, you shouldnt have posted here... the resellers will swallow this page!
  2. Umm :confused1:
  3. 950? The Theda is a pretty bag but I hear everything falls out of them when you put it down....true?
  4. Looking at the price history, that BIN is a good price.
  5. The bag itself is in pretty good condition, but the vachetta is kind of dark...I'd say around $900?
  6. Not necessarily; it's not like a reseller could sell it for much more since the bag is only in okay condition....
  7. I would pay $1000 for the bag.
  8. I don't think that things fall out of this bag - only if you over stuff it.
  9. I paid $985 for mine and it's a little paler than this one without the black marks on straps so I'd aim for under that price but it depends how much you love it and how much you want it

    Things don't falll out of it, I love mine it's gorgeous
  10. I would not pay more than $850, it has already turned a dark honey color.
  11. I have a theda gm and this does not happen to its contents when I put it down.

    I agree with LVobsessed not to pay more than $850 by it's condition. I hope you get it.
  12. never used but the vachetta's so dark? I would think twice
  13. Umm :confused1: thought she has mentioned that's good used bag?? Not never used.

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]This bag is not NEW, there are some normal wear[/FONT]
  14. I wouldn't get that Theda, it has been worn out, I would look for another one and pay a little bit extra if I were you (just being honest)