Best offer etiquette?

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  1. I tried to do a search for this, but it said that my terms were too general, and only searched "offer", which left me with a lot of results. Anyway, is there a general rule of thumb for making best offers (i.e., offer X percent of the stated price)? Thanks, from a noob :smile:
  2. Don't know if there is a general rule of thumb, but you can always contact

    the seller and make an offer...if one is going to make an offer, it should be

    appropriate and not insulting..
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    I'm very reasonable when I make offers I would think. If the "buy it now" price is $100, I would offer $90, as that's a 10% discount. I hate to low ball sellers because most of the time they're very reasonable to begin with. I've had buyers that want half off what I have for the "buy it now" price, and that's automatic rejection!

    I think it's okay to want a 20% discount, but no more than that!
  4. are you the seller or the buyer?
  5. That's my concern, I wouldn't want to offend a seller.

    I'm asking as a buyer.

    I'm also a member of Authentic Forum, and I believe that most there consider an offer of 80% or more of asking price to be appropriate, but I want to make sure that's still applicable for items such as purses/bags/whatever you call them :P
  6. ^Yeah, I usually put in an offer for about 10-20% lower but no more...never feels good to be low balled as a seller. Sometimes I will even ask the seller the best price that they are willing to accept for the item.
  7. I get offers all the time up to 90% off. I dont understand why people even bother,

    If I really want an item, I will offer then a REALISTIC offer.
  8. As a seller who recently had a very bad experience with a low ball buyer (offered me $150 for $800 bag that was in mint cond.) and I was only asking $500. In fact, her behavior turned into harassment at one point. It still makes my stomach turn. I would never, ever offer someone any more than 20% off their asking price. It is offensive. Also, be nice- not demanding, and for the love of every thing that is holy, DO NOT tell the seller how they should value their bag/etc. Good luck!

    I have been known in the past to work even more with buyers that are very nice, just because it makes me comfortable to know that my stuff is going to a respectable person, and not some jack***.
  9. They're hoping that you accidentally click accept. :Push:
  10. Absolutely insane, both of them! :nono: I consider myself cheap, but I would never, EVER try to offer someone that little for an item! Nor would I make an offer on an item that didn't have a BO option, I've heard lots of "great" stories on those :cursing:
  11. Yes, it is insane, and shameful. To date, I have seen TWO of the exact same bag on ebay in 12 months other than mine. BOTH sold for more that I was asking, so I was definitely being fair. She was so inconsiderate, rude, and just ridiculous- I wish that I would have blocked her right then and there.

    Good luck, and I am glad to hear that you would never repeat any of her disgusting behavior.

  12. Oh, and my own 'best offer rule' is to deduct the shipping from the sale cost. So if an item is $100 with $20 shipping, I would offer ~$80+
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    Considering the option to counteroffer, I think it's fair to slightly lowball the offer if you're trying for a good deal. Hopefully the seller will counter, and then so on until both come to a fair price. Also keep in mind recently ended auctions for similar bags, and try to end around that price. I do think it's rude to lowball by more than 40% off the selling price, but if the price is set ridiculously high compared to other recently sold items, then make sure to justify that low offer to seller.

    You never know what price you'll get... I saw a used bag that I owned end for $225, and started my listing at $99. A buyer offered me $125 right off the bat, and then I countered at $150. She countered again for $140 and I accepted. She lowballed me a lot, but at the same time, I took it because I felt that my bag, although in good condition, wasn't as in good condition as the other. She probably knew about the $225 bag and wanted to see if she could get a better deal from me. In the end, we were both happy with the end price. Not to mention I didn't have to wait a full week for my listing to end.

  14. Wow that crazy do you have the auto-decline set up on your auctions too? Its saved me a lot of frustration because I no longer deal with those crazy buyers! I wonder if anyone actually accepts these ridiculous offers?
  15. I'd say 10-20% discount as well