Best Offer Etiquette?

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  1. HI Ladies,

    With all the trouble with Ebay lately, I know a lot of us have been doing BINs or BINs with best offer. I really like the best offer option because you can bargain a bit, back and forth, with the buyer.

    My question is this: When you put an item up for BIN or Best Offer, how much higher do you make the BIN price than what you would be happy to accept? I have been making my BIN prices very high, knowing that it'll come down a lot with the offers, but I think it might be off-putting to some buyers who think that the best offer will be just a bit less than the BIN price.

    How do you do it?

    Also-- have you ladies been using counteroffers at all? Any luck with them?

    Would love to hear from you.
  2. I make the BIN what I would love to get, and make my BO what would be reasonable for me. For instance if I was listing a Coach key chain. Let's say I paid $9.99 + 6% tax. That's $10.58. I would set my BIN below regular retail, and to possibly beat the competition, but to also make me do a dance because of the profit margin. So if retail was $58, and the lowest competetor was at $40, I would set it at $39.
  3. I usually put my BIN about $100-$150 more than I would accept. My items are usually around $500. You will always get crazy-low offers, but your high BIN might be off-putting.
  4. I put my BIN price at what I feel my bag is worth, eg I have one listed at £500 or best offer as I actually bought the bag 2 wks ago for £520. I would probably accept around £420+. The best offer I have declined is £375 as I felt it was a bit too low.

    When putting in offers I tend to start fairly low, eg I put an offer in this morning of $400 when the BIN was $650 but if it is declined then I can pop a higher offer in later.