Best Of Luck, Reg! **UPDATE**

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    'Live' cohost Regis Philbin announced on today's show that upon suffering "chest pains, shortness of breath... and all those little symptoms you hear about," and being examined by doctors, he has been advised to undergo heart bypass surgery this week.

    "Nobody wants to do it," said Regis, who had hoped to skate by with just an angioplasty. "I [got] a second opinion, and they're all in agreement that it should be the bypass. So that's what I'm going to do."
  2. I just saw this on Access Hollywood. I'm worried...I love Regis!! I hope & pray he makes a speedy recovery. At least he'll have the same surgeon that David Letterman and Larry King had. He'll be in good hands.
  3. We're praying for you, Regis!
  4. Best of luck to him- I just love him!
  5. Ughhh, Kelly Ripa annoys me!!!!!
  6. Best wished to Reig.
  7. Best of luck, Regis!!
  8. Feel better Regis..
  9. i wish him all the luck.
  10. Did he have the surgery today?I have heard nothing on the news. I hope he is ok.
  11. Best Wishes going his way :flowers:
  12. I wish him the best of luck, hope he gets better soon!!!
  13. LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Daytime television host Regis Philbin was cracking jokes with nurses a day after heart surgery, co-host Kelly Ripa told the "Live with Regis and Kelly" audience on Thursday.
    Philbin announced on the show on Monday that he would undergo open-heart surgery to clear out plaque in his arteries that had caused chest pains and shortness of breath.

    Ripa said Philbin, 75, had bypass surgery on Wednesday morning and is already "up and joking around with nurses." :smile:
  14. Thanks Prada, that's wonderful news. I love Reg!
  15. Awesome news!! I'm so happy to hear he's back to his impish self!!:p