Best 'odd' product you recommend

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  1. What product, that others might not know about, can't you live without?

    I have 2:

    Downey wrinkle spray...I haven't ironed in 2 years.
    Cloreb bleach tablets, I haven't had to clean the toilet since I started to use these...and the toilets are sparkling!
  2. ^Wow - I have to try those!

    I recommend toothpaste for cleaning silver.
  3. Hmm..the Tide Pen and Folex carpet cleaner.
  4. 1. simple green (mix 1/2 & 1/2 with HOT water and it cleans your diamonds so they look brand new - Nordies trick)

    2. hydrogen peroxide (again mix 1/2 & 1/2 with HOT water and gargle every night) - helps w/ a sore throat and makes your teeth white.
  5. It's not dangerous to gargle with peroxide???
  6. The Downey wrinkle remover is excellent!

    I couldn't live without Oxyclean.
  7. Oh, I love the tide pen too, and shout wipes.

    I am going to look for that carpet cleaner!
  8. I'm a big fan of the shout wipes and simple green!

    I also Looooove "Viva" paper towels. They are so soft and absorbent....

  9. Mr Clean Magic Eraser <---AMAZING!

    I also swoosh hydr. perox. in my mouth, as long as you don't swallow it, I think it is fine!!
  10. I second the Mr Clean Magic Eraser. It's even great to clean up self tanner streaks. ;) It's amazing!!!
  11. Not at all... A doctor told me to do it many years ago. It does taste awful, though. :yucky:
  12. Highlighter with the post-its inside of them --> OK I am a nerd!

    The Car Fresherner that hooks onto the vents near the raido...oh my goodness is it AMAZING

    All teeth whitners have hydrogen peroxide in them so using it straight from the bottle is fine.
  13. Wow, great idea....I love the magic eraser too, but never used it for that!
  14. its funny how people FIN uses for things, like horseshoe crab blood is used for testing for disease. how does one FIND that out?
  15. One of the most interesting things I recommend is a spider web to stop bleeding from small annoying cuts or scratches, such as we might get from paper or a rose. And I mean a clean fresh one, not some dusty relic from the attic!

    I will also testify to peroxide as a valuable element of a conscientiously applied program of oral hygiene and regular professional care. It was recommended to me by a dentist years ago, in the difficult days following a sad but necessary end of a long-term relationship with an insurgent wisdom tooth, and I just sort of kept it up.

    Killing all those germs seemed like a good idea, and after a while, my teeth did appear noticeably whiter, and to this day people say nice things to me about them.

    I can also recommend the ancient wisdom of using dirt as a cure for nausea - just plain old dirt from the yard. Put it in a bowl, paper plate, even your hand, hold it under your nose, breathe deep and smell it. This will somehow settle the spirit that is causing the nausea, and make it stop.

    And if a baby has hiccups, make a red mark on its forehead, and they will stop. Be sure to use something non-toxic, like a kid-safe art product, or lipstick. I cannot explain this, it's another one of those thousands of years things.

    My latest and oddest recommendation of an actual product, I guess, would be Krylon leafing pens for gilding page edges...