Best NYC Lounge/Bar for Birthday?

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  1. Hi everyone!! My birthday is coming up and I have no idea where to go for drinks after dinner. I am generally looking a place in the Lower East Side vicinity since dinner will be in the same area. Things I'm looking for..

    - Good music (80s, 90's, hip hop) possibly with a dance area?
    - Decent decor (no dive places please)
    - Affordable drinks ($18 cocktails? no thanks)
    - Good atmosphere, younger crowd (20s)
    - Not too small (I'll have a group of at least 10)

    I was maybe thinking of Stanton Social, which is a restaurant/bar but seems to be more of a restaurant than bar..

    I'm just looking to have a good time!!

  2. the lounges cates mentioned were ones i was thinking of too - you can also try people lounge. you can also try fr.og but thats in soho, not les

    if i may ask, where's dinner? i can think of a few more decent lounges nearby

    as for stanton social - it is def. more worth going when youre having dinner there but i believe the bar upstairs is where you'd want to have drinks , completely different feel from downstairs
  3. I had my birthday at tenjune and had an amazing time. However, because it's a pretty "hip" venue you would have a hard time getting 10 people in without buying a table first.