Best NYC Coach Store? Flagship?

  1. I'm going to NYC in 2 weeks and I know there are several Coach stores; I was wondering which one everyone thinks is the best? I think there is one on Madison that considering the location, I'm figuring will probably be a good one, but I don't want to miss out on a great store b/c of an address! :smile:
  2. Coach on 57th is great but my personal fave is the one in the new Time Warner Center on 59th street because they have a great selection of the newest bags. In any event, Time Warner is walking distance from 57th street.
  3. Great; thanks so much! :yes:
  4. what is the closest cross street ??

  5. If I recall (and we did a lot of walking so the streets are coming together in my mind), I believe it was Madison?
  6. I used to work on 57th Street and 11th Avenue so I would walk to the Time Warner Center on my lunch hour. The store there is really beautiful and two floors- all the bags and accessories are on the first floor and shoes on the 2nd. Plus, the SA's were very nice and not pushy at all. The Coach store in the Time Warner Center is loccated at 59th Street & Columbus Circle on the first floor.
  7. THANKS! I'll be in NYC for the day next Sat and want to check it out!!!