Best NYC bakeries?

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  1. I noticed there was an old thread about this, but was just wondering if there has been anything new & notable open or recommendations on bakeries I should visit. I've been to Magnolia, of course, & have heard good things about Billys, Crumbs & Sugar Sweet Sunshine. Heading there this Friday, btw....
  2. I LOVE Sugar Sweet Sunshine!
  3. Definitely try Levain bakery as well! Their cookies are absolutely TDF!! I have fallen in love with them ever since watching them win Bobby Flay in his own throwdown. HTH :biggrin:
  4. I like Billy's and Magnolias...I like Vinieros and I love Financier! I would probably skip crumbs. Have been many many times...I know of 4 in the city. It's a good bakery but not a GREAT bakery...I feel like you can find similar places elsewhere.
  5. Levain Bakery
    City Bakery
    Bouchon Bakery
    Amy's Bread
    Fat Witch Bakery
  6. levain bakery - chocolate chip walnut cookies
    (ask them to warm them up for you...they are TDF!!)

    amy's bread - red velvet cake slice

    sugar sweet sunshine - lemon and pistachio cupcakes

    gawd...i'm salivating now!!
  7. petrossian.. delicious fruit tarts, croissants and cookies

    vosges chocolate cookies

    la maison du chocolat macaroon
  8. I still vote Magnolia!
  9. magnolia of course...
  10. sugar sweet sunshine has another vote for me. magnolia's is good when you're craving something super sweet..the frosting is too much after the first few seconds.
  11. Lady M - I'm in love with their mille crepes cake.

    Also, most of the bakeries in chinatown have great bread/buns. Egg Custard King has the best egg custards.

    Oh...and Milk Bar. Duh. The cookies there are great. As is the Banana Cream Cake. Crack Pie is overhyped.
  12. ^ITA! Egg Custard King is named that for a reason. They have egg custards in every flavor possible and not expensive at all at about 90 cents each. Another one of my favorites are the sweet cream buns they sell at all bakeries. It's a bun with sweet fresh coconut milk cream in the middle with shredded coconut sprinkled on top. Mmmmm!
  13. The best NYC bakery out there is Crumb's in my opinion. Their cupcakes are huge and soooo delicious, seriously. The best cupcakes I ever had and they have such great and funky flavours too. You should check the website, so yummy!
  14. My NYC favorite is Madeleine Patisserie for macarons :drool:
  15. buttercup bake shop is a good one!