Best Nude Eyeshadow

  1. I am looking for a nice nude/tan eye shadow with a bit of shimmer or luster to it. But it has to be one that has good staying power. I have dark brown hair, with fair skin with freckles and blue/green eyes so I am looking for something that is a little darker than my own skin color that would work for me. Any suggestions?
  2. Stila Kitten is great
  3. I love MAC cream color base in Pearl. It's a creamy gold color with "icy shimmer". A light dusting over your lid gives a really pretty frosty shimmer.
  4. Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy is recommended by many websites. It is really cute.
  5. stila kitten, and midnight cowboy are two great choices. mac paint pots are another great option espically for get up and go.
  6. Stila Kitten
  7. Thanks! I will check those out!
  8. Mac's gleam is really nice too with your coloring. I also love retrospect. For those that use the Mac paints, don't you find that powers stay on better when using them as a base?
  9. Try MAC's Patina, it's a very nude/tan colour with a hint of shimmer! I've used it for a while now, and it works great as a base colour or on it's own :yes:
  10. try lancome colour dose shadow :ambre ayers rock...
    its very pretty on eyes..
  11. Thank you, everyone! Now I will have a hard time deciding with all your fab suggestions lol.
  12. LORAC Persuasion. Creme to powder texture, and a teeny bit of shimmer.
  13. mac shroom is great too!
  14. since you have fair skin, i would definitely try MAC honesty! put a little shroom in the inner corner for some extra shimmer. gorgeous, but very simple look! also, for staying power, apply MAC's paint pot in bare study before your e/s application. HTH! :smile:
  15. Sin, by Urban Decay. Less glittery than Midnight Cowboy.