Best non-prescription acne cleanser/treatments?

  1. I don't have severe acne, just a few pimples on my forehead and occasionally a really annoying one on my nose or on my cheek. I use Clean & Clear cleanser currently and find it to work pretty well, but not really fast enough.

    Can anyone please suggest some good over-the-counter [non-prescription] facial cleansers that get rid of and prevent acne? And also some spot treatments - like, 24-hour "put it on a pimple and wake up with it greatly reduced" creams?

    Thanks so much in advance! :flowers:
  2. Ok, that was really weird... I already replied, but it just disappeared :huh:

    Anyway, I like Mario Badescu Drying Lotion for spot treatment. I dab with a hot washcloth after I wash my face, then I use an extractor tool if it's a whitehead (I know it's bad, but they take forever to go away otherwise), then I dab with the hot cloth again, then I apply the drying lotion with a q-tip. 99.9% of the time the pimple is dried up in the morning! :tup:

    For over the counter acne cleansers, I like L'Oreal Pure Zone the best (the creamy one). It's the only one I've tried that doesn't totally wreck my sensitive skin. I always keep some on hand in case my skin goes berserk. A lot of people love Proactiv, but it severely dried out and irritated my skin...

    ps- I love the new avi! Sooo cute!! :flowers:
  3. The Clinique "emergency" one is very strong. But don't use everyday because will dry out your skin.
  4. Thanks Claire! :love: I'll check the L'Oreal one out. I asked my friend about Proactiv and I think it's made for a very specific skin type because she said it made her skin better but then after a month, MUCH worse. :push:

    Would love more suggestions, pref. something that can be found in a drugstore/Target, etc. [like - Clearasil, Clean & Clear, L'Oreal, Biore, etc] TIA! :smile:
  5. Cute avatar!! Your glasses suit you well :yes:

    The best face wash ever is Cetaphil for normal to oily skin. Since this isn't specified for acne prone skin, you could try mixing it with an acne face wash of your choice or even some tea tree oil or witch hazel. It's important to keep your face moisturized, so this is a perfect way to moisturize. Since you wash it off, it won't leave you shiny and greasy like some heavy creams.
  6. The Murad Acne Kit is gentle yet effective. Proactiv totally burned my skin--I went to the dermatologist after using it and found out that I'm allergic to benzoyl peroxide. The Murad Kit is salicyic acid.
  7. i use Proactive religiously for the past seven years. It works great on my sensitive skin.
  8. ^^^ me too!

    Well, maybe not 7 years but quite a few years.
  9. This works really well for me. Last night I used it on 2 pimples. Today, they're almost gone. I'm amazed!
  10. For a cleanser I use Aqua Glycolic. It has about 10% glycolic acid. It's not prescription, but you have to purchase it from the pharmacist or the can order it for you. It's around 11-12.00 and has the exact same ingredients as Jan Marini's 28.00 glycolic cleanser. I also use an aha/bha toner to take care of any additional breakouts. I don't have a specific spot treatment, but at times I will dab either QH mint julep mask w/ sulfur or eminence hungarian mud mask which helps.
  11. This sounds really bad and it probably is, but it helped me.

    I had really bad acne for years and used everything. I almost tried the Pill, too but fortunately found something less drastic.

    I got the CLean and Clean Persagel 10. It is a spot treatment but I used it over my ENTIRE face for a few weeks. It burned my skin so bad (but didn't hurt...just REALLY dried) it was flakey all the time but after it pretty much burned the pimples off, I didn't get them as much anymore!! Now I just use a gel moisturizer or the Clean & Clear Acne moisturizer.
  12. biotherm's quite good
  13. Cetaphil makes a great gentle cleanser. And after washing, I would dab on OTC benzoyl peroxide cream in the 10% formula.
  14. I second Cetaphil, since my prescription acne treatments are harsh and I don't need any additional skin irritants.

    I know you want drugstore treatments, but I highly recommend DDF Sulfur Mask. I leave it on overnight, and it shrinks my zits by morning, or in the rare occasion the spot's stubborn, it doesn't get any bigger. Worth the money! You can check out reviews on make up alley . com

    If your skin responds well to benzoyl peroxide (vs salicylic acid), Clearasil Ultra works the best--for me at least--in terms of BP products (vs Clean and Clear, Neutrogena), etc. It's the Ultra, not regular one.
  15. priin: Thanks for the compliment :flowers:

    violinistgirl: From my research so far [basically, reading testimonials/reviews about products] Clearasil has done the best. I'm not sure how the BP will work with my skin, but it may be worth trying. I'm currently using a free sample of the regular one, on my first day so we'll see how that works. If not, I guess I'll go back to my usual Clean & Clear because that one didn't do that bad a of a job..