Best Non-Coach Wristlets

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  1. Hi,
    I'm looking to buy a new wristlet but I find the Coach logo/momogram to be super tacky! :sad: It'll preferably be a rather large wristlet, but other than that I'm not too picky. Not into clutches because I leave them everywhere.
  2. Coach has non logo wristlets.
  3. I love wristlets!
    Like xikry5talix mentioned above, coach does have a lot of non-logo wristlets..

    I use a Belen Echandia Angel Purse a lot of the time:

    Here's a shot of all my AP's (yes I know I have too many and actually i've since gotten a black one)

    This burberry is cute :

    Found this etsy seller that has super cute wristlets:
  4. Thanks for the suggestions! How big is the AP?
  5. I agree with Faith Ann, the MJ wristlests are the cutest.
  6. Hermes has a new one :smile:

  7. I've never been an Hermes fan but I could change my mind for that one! Very cute.

  8. it's 6 inches wide and maybe a bit over 4 inches tall.. inside is about 1.5 inches but can get bigger with more stuff in it :smile:
  9. MJ has cute ones, along with L.A.M.B. Coach definitely makes leather, non-logo wristlets, if you can find a leather capacity wristlet, I strongly recommend it (I fit my phone, big camera, $/id, hand sanitizer, and lip gloss in it).
  10. love the Palais one for MJ....

    the Hermes one is actually pretty freaking cute
  11. OMG the H is too cute!!

    I use Kate Spade wristlet, it is smaller than my previous coach-non-monogram one, so maybe too small for you?
  12. This is cute :nuts:
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