best neutral?

  1. What do you guy think it is a better neutral ( in clemence)

    i wear mainly jeans, white and black and i would like to choose a color which fits year around.
  2. black:tup:
  3. initial response would be black, but I recently got a love for gold.
    I have a gold/black H belt and i thin the gold side looks awesome against blue denim, especially when wearing a while top cos it matches the top stitching.
  4. Gold is best as an all year round color...
  5. I think gold is most verstile and best for year-round.
  6. probably gold (IMO).
  7. gold!!
  8. I would have said Black, but after seeing how the lovely ladies and gentlemen on this site wear the gold, I have to say Gold.
  9. It would depend on your coloring. Black haired, blue skin toned people look best in black. Fair blondes look great with gold. Brown haired, olive-skinned folks look great in brown. Dark blondes, I like in grey.
  10. gold, but maybe have a look at etoupe
  11. OH OH OH Etoupe is the best natural i agree
  12. Gold and Etoupe are great neutrals :drool:
  13. I love my black, but oh I would love to go for gold!
  14. I have both black and gold, and I would say its a toss up. Both colors go with virtually anything. Gold is more of an all year round color - black is the ultimate neutral but it can look a little heavy in the dead of the summer.
  15. Gold! If you wear a lot of black, then a black bag is in danger of fading away in your outfit. Gold will contrast beautifully, but not shout for attention, or clash with anything.