Best "neutral" colors????

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  1. Beyond black and white, what are your favorite neutral shades? I have: ink, origan, caramel, so far. Suggestions?
  2. hmmmmmmmm, let's see, i've got origan (light olive), grey s/s '06 & ink (plus black) for my neutrals...everything else are fun colors :girlsigh:
  3. calcaire, khaki, ink, grey, early suedes, marron, taupe,
  4. Ink, Origan, Cement, Calcaire, Truffle, and Caramel are the best neutrals, I think. :smile:
  5. I think Bordeaux works as a neutral, at least within the 'Fall' color palette.
  6. I totally agree! I wear the bordeaux color with a lot more than I ever thought I would.
  7. i love bordeaux.:love: imo, the best neutral. goes with my entire wardrobe.
  8. hmmm.. dolma and taupe are on top of my list.
  9. The new greige, grey and taupe
  10. i love the bordeaux and calcaire bags as neutral colors :love:
  11. Also my lovely calcaire....
  12. :lol: l b, you CAN'T leave her out!!!! :lol: ;)
  13. Calcaire, Grey, Truffle and Bordeaux are wonderful neutrals.
  14. khaki, gray, olive, bordeaux, caramel... mmmmm...
  15. oh yes, max - dolma and taupe too!!!!
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